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TTI Elite Heat Pumps

Optimized for the highest energy efficiency at low outdoor temperatures. Never cools the pool water during defrost cycle. Cold Climate Configuration Approved.


TCPlus Connector

The connection between the copper and the titanium is a delicate operation. All the CCC systems are equipped with a non-soldered titanium to copper joint. The connection uses a mechanical compression that provides an exceptional seal. This exclusive state of the art system provides the Turcotte products with advanced technology. In addition, the brass alloy prevents any possible electrical corrosion throughout the heat pump system.

Calibrated Injection Performance Flow Rater

Modern technologies now use calibrated injection systems. Each model requires its own injection flow rater designed to give it optimal efficiency. The performance is maximized because of the millimetric precision with all the other components. Conventional systems still use fragile valves with moving parts that are not calibrated to work at low temperatures. The calibrated flow rater is not affected by varying temperatures.

Energy Saver

All Turcotte pool heat pumps are equipped with unique patented features that increase the efficiency and reduce the electrical consumption.

Automatic Drainage

An easy winterizing procedure by simply removing the connection ring. This simple operation provides the automatic drainage by gravity of the heat exchanger. This prevents cracks caused by freezing typically found on canister type heat exchangers.

Total Immersion Test

Rigorous testing is conducted on each Turcotte pool heat pump. Total immersion in water detects any leaks through pressurization. The result is 100% leak-free system.


Each Turcotte pool heat pump is mounted on a HDP-Base of high density polypropylene able to withstand up to 1 ton weights. It doesn’t crack and reduces vibrations that can bring forth premature equipment failure. The whole system is supported on a durable solid base.

Titanium Heat Exchanger

The design of the tempered titanium spiral tube blends with the other components of the heat exchanger to provide a heat transfer surface equal to 300% superiority when compare to traditional straight tube titanium. The increase volume of the tube stores more hot gas. This unique feature increases the transfer of heat in cold temperatures. Titanium alloys are offered in varying quality, heat transfer efficiency, and longevity: the CCC approval gives us confidence to supply a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the titanium with no chemical or electrical corrosion exclusions.

Counter Flow Heat Transfer

The counter-flow of gas to water provides complete heat transfer and therefore increases the COP of the heat pump. All the heat molecules are completely transferred to the water (source: Wikipedia (countercurrent exchange). All the water circulating inside the Therm-O-Flex is only millimeters away from the titanium tube throughout the whole exchange process. The counter flow of refrigerant gas to water is therefore optimized. Other less efficient systems use a canister type cylinder of high volume which results in a poor heat exchange. The water being too distant results in high pressures in the compressor in warmer weather and the improbability of supporting reduced water flows to 15 GPM found in multi speed pool pumps.


The outer shell of the heat exchanger is made of Therm-O-Flex adapted to thermal expansion. It increases the water flow with less obstruction and turbulence. Its expansion prevents cracking and bursting compared to rigid tubes or canisters found in other pool heat pumps. It has been tested at 225 lbs of pressure and safety approved according to government approved standards. This unique CCC design prevents bursting caused by frequent stop and go of filtration systems.

Fan Motor

This unique component has been designed by our engineering team. To pass the CCC requirements, we needed to drastically reduce the internal temperature of this component to increase its longevity. We designed a new internal calibrated module with reduced amperage. These measures contributed in significantly reducing the electrical consumption and therefore increasing the overall COP of the heat pump. A fan motor equipped with CCC features does not overheat or burn and does not waste electricity.

Filtration Volume

Today’s aquatic installations require larger and higher volume water circulation pumps with higher HPs. The design of the Therm-O-Flex absorbs higher pressures than the rigid walls of typical heat exchangers and prevents bursting of the outer wall. In the inverse case, utilizing a reduced flow rate pump (10-15 GPM) does not cause high pressure in the heat pump system because all the heat is transferred to the water even in reduced water flow.


Elite 85 Elite 100
Capacity 85000 100000
Average Output (kw) 20.4 24.39
Average Consumption (kw) 3.62 3.85
Nominal Amperage 15.2 16
Heat Exchanger
(Equivalence in feet)
16 x 3 20 x 3

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